The Digitalization Institute is a Research and Competence Development House for Executives and Organizations who want to become knowledgeable of the Digital Reality

Web-based Dialogue Tools

Our web-based dialogue tools are targeted towards organizations, managers, and employees in private companies and the public sector who want to map and develop the digital maturity and/or capabilities for digital transformation of their organizations. The dialogue tools are available through our sister company, DI2X.


A Certification equips you to help others (employees, managers, and/or organizations) in developing digital mindsets and qualifies organizations at a higher level for the changes that follow
from the digital agenda.
The Certification is available through our sister company, DI2X.

Masterclass in Digital Transformation

The Masterclass in Digital Transformation is aimed at managers and management teams in private companies and in the public sector who have a managerial and strategic responsibility for the organization's digital transformation.


Our vision is to contribute constructively to creating increased digital maturity and to co-create the concept and agenda for how to create value with digital technologies in a sustainable world.