About Us


The Digitalization Institute was founded by Digital Vismand and former professor Pernille Kræmmergaard in November 2015. She founded the company to meet partners’ challenges in understanding and anchoring the digital agenda in their own management practice and organization.

The Digitalization Institute is a research and competence development house for partners, companies and organizations who want to become knowledgeable and more mature for the digital reality.

We create understanding, a common language about the digital agenda with our self-developed theoretical frameworks, web-based dialogue tools consisting of self-evaluation tests and process tool that enable boards, management teams, and employees to make decisions that create value.

We conduct effective educations, tailor-made courses, lectures, workshops, and run a network.

We do not counsel; we promote a qualified managerial dialogue on the digital agenda. We provide concepts to understand with and theories to navigate from. We open up to new needs, seize the present, look to the future, and make visible what others may not yet know they need.

Our special strength is the ability to connect research and theory with the concrete reality of our partners. We believe value is best created best possible in mutually rewarding partnerships.