About our research method

The Digitalization Institute is a research and competence development house. In our research, we use international research results, our own research, and our own theoretical frameworks. The theoretical frameworks are based on more than 20 years of research experience. Our specific strength is to connect research and theory with practice.

In our research, we focus on the interplay between Strategy, Technology, Organization and Leadership in both private companies and public organizations. In terms of research, we feel at home in the following research areas, Information Systems, Organization Theory, and Management Research.

The starting point for our research activities is predominantly hermeneutic and social constructivist, and we primarily use qualitative methods. We are focused on developing an understanding of conceptualizing reality - and see it as our foremost task to develop and give others "concepts to comprehend with and theories to navigate from" and concerning the still ever more digital environments.

We are not telling anyone what to do. Instead, we are concerned with offering and giving others a “common language” and a conceptual understanding that enables them to understand and articulate their own reality, thus enabling them to make the right decisions for them in their digital conversion.

In the meeting with others, it could be companies, organizations, management groups as well as managers and employees, we try to meet them where they are. Kierkegaard is a daily inspiration to us when we develop new concepts and meet others.


That, if one is to truly succeed in leading a human being to a particular place, first and foremost one must take care to find him where he is and begin there.


Therefore, our mission is not to be futuristic, but to deal with technologies that are so mature that they apply in practice or are close to it, with a view to their interaction with strategy, organization and leadership and the opportunities, challenges, and issues it becomes the occasion of.

In our research, we are specifically focused on how companies and organizations can increase their digital maturity and what it requires of the interplay between Strategy, Technology, Organization, and Leadership. And we are concerned with what it takes of organizational capabilities and of the leadership, to create value with digital technologies, IT, and data in companies and organizations in ever more digital and dynamic landscapes.