The Book: Digital Transformation

This book is rather unusual. It is very concrete about something rather abstract: “Digital transformation”. It focuses on a very complex phenomena – strategic transformation of large organizations - and makes it very simple and easy to understand. It is based on a sound theoretical foundation and at the same time very practical. In other words – this is an unusual well composed book. I can recommend it to all managers, consultants and researchers working with how to handle digital transformation. It is a well spend investment to read and reflect upon.
Søren Barlebo Rasmussen
CEO and Managing Partner
Mobilize Strategy Consulting

Pernille Kræmmergaard uses her more than 20 years of research, theoretical knowledge, and practical experience from hundreds of courses with public organizations and private companies in the book, which is intended as a manual for managers at all levels.

The book contains lots of Danish examples and cases and provides practical advice on what managers should be aware of when working with digital transformation. The book has been published in English and Serbian (and Norwegian soon to come).

Pernille Kræmmergaard has put together a unique book for leading digital transformation in both private companies and public organizations in the coming era of what she has aptly characterized as even-more digital environments and a dancing landscape. She has drawn on her many years of rich experience in executive teaching, consulting, and university research to produce a book that is triply thoughtful and forward looking, well-articulated with down-to-earth examples, and usefully applicable for practice. The leadership and organizational capabilities developed and explained in the book provide a new comprehensive mindset for digital leaders to think with, develop, and apply. The generational model used as a mapping tool is immensely helpful for diagnosing where you are in your digital transformation and what you need and what you lack. The book worries about both customers and citizens and brings a Danish humanistic perspective that is critical for the global post-Covid 2020s new normal.
Omar A. El Sawy
Kenneth King Stonier Chair in Business Administration Professor of Information Systems, Data Sciences & Operations Department
USC Marshall School of Business
Pernille Kræmmergaard has written a very relevant and accessible book on digital transformation. The book addresses all the important issues, from technology to customer needs and leadership, and has some good discussions of the issues and some clear points. Also, good support with examples and reference to research. I read the book to be able to recommend it to board colleagues, (who do not work with the subject daily), and I can definitely recommend it….
Rina Asmussen
Member of the Board of Directors of Jyske Bank, PFA Invest and BRFfonden
It is a great book. Easy to read, relevant at all management levels, good examples for reflection. You notice that there is great knowledge and diligence behind it. I can only recommend the book, it can be used for many purposes, it focuses completely on the digital and technological development and what it takes to keep up. Read it before you get behind. Chairman of the Board of Rejsekort & itinerary A / S, Chairman of the Board of Mannaz and former Executive Vice President ATP
Lilian Mogensen
Chairman of the Board of Rejsekort & itinerary A / S, Chairman of the Board of Mannaz and former Executive Vice President ATP
Pernille Kræmmergaard book, "Digital Transformation - 10 skills your organization must master and 3 that you need", provides a quick and easy-to-read 360-degree perspective on what you as a top manager must relate to in step with increased digitalization. This applies both to the need to change the way your organization performs and works, but also to the development of your personal leadership. The book's absolute strength is that it insists that digital transformation is something that must be worked on throughout the organization - both culturally, managerially,
Lone Saaby
Danish Safety Technology Authority


Pernille Kræmmergaard book “Digital Transformation - 10 capabilities that your organization should master and 3 you need” is available in English in September 2021. Read a sampler here.