Two Theoretical Frameworks

At the Digitalization Institute, we have developed two theoretical frameworks, respectively "The 5 Generations" and "10 + 3 capabilities". The framework “The 5 Generations” illustrates 5 different levels of digital maturity and associated different digital mindsets and management practices. The framework "10 + 3 capabilities" deals with 10 organizational capabilities and 3 leadership competencies that are essential to master to reach the highest levels of digital maturity and transform the company. It could also be expressed as capabilities that are essential to organizations and leaders to master in ever more digital environments. 

Each of the frameworks are published in independent books in a variety of languages; "Digital Transformation - 10 capabilities  your organization must master and 3 that you will need" is published in Danish by Djøf Forlag and in English by SP Publishing. "The 5 Generations of Digital Maturity" will be published late 2021. 

The two frameworks are the foundation of our web-based dialogue tools, mapping tests, process tool, the educations: Certification, Masterclass and Diplomaclass as well as lectures and other services.