Digital Transformation Training

The program is aimed at larger groups of managers in one organization or management teams from several organizations, (e.g., industry organizations, professional associations, network groups, etc.) who want to strengthen their competencies to lead digital transformation and at the same time want to be equipped to launch initiatives to increase digital maturity in their organization.

  • Are you a larger group of managers who needs to understand the digital development and what it takes to realize the opportunities associated with the use of digital technologies?
  • Do you lack a common language and competencies across the organization, or across several organizations, to lead the digital development and implement the necessary change in your own practice and organization?
  • Do you lack inspiration for how digital transformation can be approached and knowledge about what others do and/or have done?
  • Do you experience a need for a structured process over a longer time period in order to take the next targeted steps in the work with digital transformation?
  • Are you interested in mapping your current digital maturity and the gap between current and future desirable maturity and using it as the starting point for strengthening the capabilities for digital transformation, and working to develop both the maturity and the capabilities over time?

Then the Digital Transformation Training is right for you.

The program is organized with a focus on the individual manager’s need to be able to learn at their own pace in their own practice and workplace, while working with development areas in groups in their own organization and possibly across participating organizations.

The program is carried out as «blended learning» consisting of a number of modules and a large number of learning elements, which are put together and tailored to the individual group of managers and their wishes and needs.

The content of the modules is continuously adapted, so it is always the latest practice, knowledge and theory that form the basis of the program.

Activities during the training alternate between individual digital learning with video posts, podcasts, literature, and reflection exercises, as well as between joint events, with presentations and cases from leading organizations, discussions in and across management teams. At the joint events or gatherings, the participants have ample opportunity for dialogue and knowledge sharing between managers and / or the management teams.

You are welcome to contact us via e-mail or telephone +45 2571 5050, if you want more information about the training program and how it can be organized and adapted to your needs.


In order for you as a management team or across several management teams, to be equipped to work to increase digital maturity and understand the digital transformative possibilities and the organizational capabilities that are essential, in order to implement and lead the digital transformation in your own organization.


The purpose of the training is to give management teams across the organization, or organizations, a common conceptual framework and understanding of digital development, so they can more easily identify opportunities and barriers and collaborate to realize the opportunities.


As a management team or groups of management teams you will achieve

  • Common conceptual universe about and understanding of the digital development and digital transformation internally in the management team, and across the management teams
  • Strengthened the competencies of both individual and management teams in relation to the organization's digital transformation

Inspiration for how the digital transformative possibilities can be realized and anchored - based on knowledge sharing

  • As well as inspiration from research and external examples and cases
  • Mutual understanding and strengthening of collaboration and ecosystem thinking, including identification of shared and local areas of focus to increase digital maturity
  • Support for identifying specific objectives for the organization's further digital transformation in both the short and long term, based on e.g., mapping digital maturity and the organization's capabilities for digital transformation

If you are uncertain whether the Digital Transformation Training is right for you, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail or telephone +45 2571 5050.


The training is for management teams in an organization or management teams in several organizations who together want to be equipped to increase the digital maturity and implement the necessary change in the organization.