In Animal Protection, we are faced with having to determine our digital transformative strategy and to ensure a common language and a common understanding, we, the total management group of 10, have chosen to participate in Masterclass in Digital Transformation. As an NGO, it is also necessary for us in the future to be strong and offer modern and relevant services that are required and expected by our supporters and members, but which also make us attractive and welcoming to our volunteers. We have participated to be strengthened both internally and externally and Masterclass has to a large extent given us a theoretical and useful framework, which we have been able to work on from day 1 back in the office. Pernille's book on the 10 + 3 capabilities we now use one by one in our strategic work and reviewing our organization and our capabilities one by one has really been an eye opener.
Britta Riis
Adm. Manager
Animal protection
We participated 9 persons – our unified management group - after we recognized that the digital transformation affects us all - both as a company and the market and society we are in. In the long run, none of us can 'just' do as we usually do, and therefore it has been important for us to secure the future of the services we offer our customers and make them as up-to-date and relevant as possible. The participation in Masterclass has given us both food for thought and concrete benchmarks - for example, the use of existing data to ensure customers and car owners the greatest possible mobility. At the same time, the decision to participate as a group has given us the opportunity to put our internal considerations and challenges into a larger context, while we have been able to draw inspiration and input from all the other participants at Masterclass.
Heidi Madsen
Head of Department, Service Subscriptions
Scandinavian Motor Co. A / S
I have attended Masterclass together with several of my area manager colleagues and the IT manager. We participated together to bring home a common frame of reference and understand Digital Transformation in a municipal context. The education has given us a common mindset, and a common starting point to put digitalization on the agenda in relation to the development of the core task. Masterclass in Digital Transformation has inspired me to see contexts and solutions for the organizational, technical, and strategic challenges we face as a municipality
Signe Bockhahn Bjerregaard
Area Manager, Citizen Service and Digitization
Rudersdal Municipality